How we build trust

Words: Julio Resendez

Published: January 12, 2022


Trust between our members is of utmost importance to us. We’ve invested many hours researching how dating apps like Bumble build trust between singles, how Airbnb designs for trust between hosts and travelers and how Uber builds trust between drivers and riders. The culmination of the research led us to implement several features on the Orbiter platform, many by default.

How do we build trust on Orbiter?

👤 ID Cross-check
To prevent bots and bad actors, we require our members to verify their identity using live photo and ID upload.

💼 Business license verification
Our system verifies businesses that require up-to-date operating licenses.

🙏 Recommendations
Is there a member in the network you personally know? Highlight their work through personal recommendations that the community can see.

🤝 Reviews
After you’ve been hired, your client has the ability to review your services which show publicly on your profile to other Orbiter members.

📱 Phone & email
Our system sends out standard, one-time codes to verify devices.

We’re working hard to release the beta version of Orbiter.

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