Welcome to Liftoff

Words: Julio Resendez

Published: December 1, 2021


Liftoff - Orbitt Founders

I couldn’t make up my mind on what to write for the first Orbiter blog post.

Should the content have a corporate tone or should it be full of individual personality? Can I sling out a few curse words? We are a registered Delaware C Corporation, after all.

Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that a more positive outcome would arise by just being myself. Future customers, team members, investors, partners, vendors and the overall public can visit these posts and make up their mind on my character. If we don’t know each other personally, you’ll find through my posts that I’m an introvert by nature and curious at heart. So this is why we have decided (as a current team of two) that we want to document our journey through the startup world. Ups and downs. Trophies and broken bones.

I felt inspired by the team at Buffer to set this standard at our company. By reading through their startup journey, I found myself in the backseat of a rollercoaster and witnessed the founders learn to grow a company as they face powerful setbacks and exciting successes. There are so many lessons in the way they admit their mistakes by growing too fast, how they handled a hacking attack and even posting the results of marketing experiments. This treasure trove of information makes me feel grateful for the time we are living in, where valuable resources are freely shared. I’d love for anyone interested to be able to learn from our unique path too.

So here we find ourselves, you and I.

You’ve read to this point because you believe in me and what we are doing as a team, so let me give you a quick rundown: Orbiter is a referral-only digital platform that helps business professionals grow their business, and my mission for Orbiter is to become the ultimate resource for small business success.

Small businesses help the founders, their families, their employees and the community they serve – failure breaks that chain of value.

I wholeheartedly believe in the capacity of people and, if and when, given the opportunity, that we can do much more. Entrepreneurship is a driving force for inward and outward growth. My last eight years as a small business owner has taught me so much about relationships, accounting, customer service, education, healthy habits…the list goes on forever. I’ve grown so much in this last decade, and I know that others have the eagerness to try it out for themselves.

Orbiter stands today as a referral platform, but our mission is to grow into a hub where people come to get inspired, educate themselves, and learn to start, grow and keep a business from failing. According to the latest stats by the Small Business Administration, 47% of all employment opportunities are created by small businesses, and it’s our mission to champion all of them for a brighter future.

If you understand the value of entrepreneurship and have a passion for supporting small businesses in their journey, help us by spreading the word about Orbiter. Beyond customers, we’re looking for passionate people who we hope one day we can call team members, partners, vendors, and even neighbors.

Welcome to liftoff!

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