We start with why

Words: Julio Resendez

Published: January 5, 2022



As we prepare to launch Orbiter, it’s important that the first messaging we release conveys the reason we chose to build this company in the first place.

I’ve grown so much in the almost decade of being a small business(es) owner, and have come to love the ups and downs. Through entrepreneurship, I have learned the value of relationships, the art of selling, bookkeeping, branding, healthy habits, punctuality, paying taxes on time ūüė¨ , giving back, meditation… the list is endless and I can say that I am a better person because of it.

There are many people curious of stepping out and starting their own business. I believe in the capacity of these people and our mission is that, through Orbiter, we can be the go-to resource to learn, start, grow, and keep that business from failing.
And that’s why we’re doing this: To champion small business and support local economic improvement.

I’m proud of the work my brother Carlos Resendez and I have done over the last year to get to this point and we’re exited for the launch of our product.

Through these efforts we champion small businesses and support local economic improvement.

Small businesses make up 47% of employment opportunities in the U.S. They help the people who start them, their families, their employees and the communities they support.

Failure breaks this chain of value.

We believe a lack of resources hinder entrepreneurs and close small businesses.

This hurts both the communities and the families who support them.

We address these issues first by expanding the referral networks of business professionals through the Orbiter app. As Orbiter grows, so does our investment in resources that cultivate, support and promote business professionals.

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