Girl with Grit

“My mother told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant be your own person, be independent.” – Ruth Bader Ginsburg. A powerful quote embodied by Texas based Girl With Grit and they are doing this by providing girls and women “crash course workshops in everything from the arts to entrepreneurship, to the trades to real life skills – such as automotive care, tools and more”. They believe and support opportunities that are often overlooked for girls, all while making it a fun and interactive experience.

  • Donations support:
  • Classes in women shelters
  • Classes in group homes
  • Scholarships
  • Road safety classes
  • Trade and entrepreneurship classes

The commitment is minimal but the experience is transformative. The Girl with Grit program meets on a monthly basis for 6 hours and they offer one-time classes and workshops too.

How can you get involved with Girl with Grit?

Their website has several ways for you to make an impact directly or indirectly.


Girl with Grit has many ways for your dollar to go the extra mile. They also make it flexible enough for you to choose where your money should be spent.


GWG looks for strong, volunteer female mentors for their monthly program. Women who have hard skills to teach are encouraged to apply.

What we love

Two things: Their 1934 Chevy Truck that students get to work on during the program. Second, their entrepreneur program that is run through the Come and Make it! space which is a hands-on learning for all in the arts, trades, business, STEAM, and life skills. Students take part in an annual pop-up shops, monthly business class, and product development workshops.

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