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The Girls Inc Houston tagline says it all: Inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold. Their girl-centered curriculum led by trained program facilitators that engage students in topics such as leadership, teamwork, financial literacy and much more. And with 88 cents of every dollar goes to supporting girls’ development, we know a lot is being done to elevate their students. Though their educational efforts are a cornerstone of their mission, their impact stretches far beyond:

  • 50% of Girls Inc girls are less likely to abuse prescription drugs, compared to the national average.
  • 76% of Girls Inc girls are less likely to abuse alcohol, compared to the national average.

With support from partnerships and educational programs, Girls, Inc Houston strives to develop girls’ capacity to be self-sufficient and responsible members of the community with an overall vision to help all girls realize their potential.

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How can you get involved with Girls Inc Houston?

Their website has several ways for you to make an impact directly or indirectly.


Girls Inc is far reaching, extending to more than 1,200 sites in 350 cities in the US and Canada. But more can always be done and that is where an advocate like you can swoop in to expand the reach even more.


An investment in young girls is an investment in the future. Your dollars help girls grow up healthy, educated, independent, and more importantly, BOLD!


The opportunities to mentor, assist or lead programs are endless. Girls have the right to have confidence in themselves and to be in a safe world, and you can help see that vision through.

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What we love

The events they hold look like so much fun. Camp Smart for example, gives girls a chance to be the architect of their own “perfect” city. This experience filled with learning opportunities that build resilience, self-confidence and encouragement to be strong, smart and bold

The Be Bold Institute on the other hand offers:

  • Mentorship from community leaders
  • Workshops to elevate writing skills
  • College and career readiness
  • Character building and understanding personality tests

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