Lemonade Day Houston

Started in 2007, Lemonade Day Houston has grown from 2,700 to 55,000 kids, each of which learning fundamental business lessons. The impact alone is outstanding. According to their 2020 impact report, they estimate:

  • 67% have paid back their investor
  • 20% opened a savings account
  • 50% spent a portion of their profit
  • 70% saved a portion of their profit
  • 60% shared a portion of their profit

We love organizations that teach through doing, because that is how we learned. From building a stand, to selling confidence, accounting, and even creating an attractive logo! The best part is that these lessons leave long lasting results that hopefully encourage kids to start their own businesses when they become adults. But even then, if they choose to follow a more traditional career, they will have more confidence navigating challenges.

Lemonade Day Houston kids buying lemonade

How can you get involved with Lemonade Day Houston?

Their website has several ways for you to make an impact directly or indirectly.


Mentors work hand in hand with young entrepreneurs teaching them valuable skills through lessons and experience. According to Lemonade Day: “One million young entrepreneurs need one million mentors”. What are you waiting for!?


Partners such as schools or large youth organizations can connect and bring entrepreneurial curriculum to their students in a very easy way using their My Lemonade Day app. It’s an amazing way for kids to engage through technology.


Every non-profit organization needs them but with Lemonade day, the opportunities are endless. From working events, promoting the organization, community awareness, etc. There’s so much to do and it’s all for a great cause.

Youth Registration

Youth will have a unique experience learning important skills to make a profit, and we all love that! If you have a future business leader in your home or know of others, sign them up!

Lemonade Day Houston woman buying lemonade

What we love

Events are a great way to learn, network and succeed together. From learning how to build your own lemonade stand, to tasting events, everything they do is to encourage new ways of thinking to get an edge in the local lemonade industry. It doesn’t stop there. What got us really excited is the pitch competition held at The Ion where kids can pitch unique ideas to the startup community. Lemonade Day Houston is a great organization, which is why we have supported them with a monetary donation.

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