Prison Entrepreneurship Program

Most of us can’t fathom finding ourselves in prison, yet we can all imagine what you lose. Your job, car, home, friends, family, moments… And although there’s no argument that punishment should fit the crime, many who come out of the system after serving their time step back into the real world without anything real to hold on to. Prison Entrepreneurship program is changing that in a major way. They are dedicated in proving real-world business based skills and a support structure so that inmates can pursue healthy and productive lives after they shed the inmate nickname.

Their impact is extraordinary:

  • Over 350 businesses launched by PEP graduates
  • 100% employment rate within 90 days of release
  • 7.5% recidivism rate

Stats like these prove the power of small business, because at the end of the day business is not just about the money potential, PEP participants bring transformative changes to their families and communities.

Prison Entrepreneurship Program graduation

How can you get involved with Prison Entrepreneurship Program?

Their website has several ways for you to make an impact directly or indirectly.


Prison Entrepreneurship Program has several common ways to donate but by far the most unique is to donate stock. This allows you to avoid capital gains tax on non-liquid assets.


Mentors at PEP will often walk through the program with new friends. The relationship between mentor and inmate starts in prison but continues even after the person is released.


Participants of PEP are required to complete 16-20 hands-on workshops within a seven month period. Upon graduating, participants are then eligible for business financing.


Entering the job market with a record is one of the most challenging aspects of returning to reality. Often, the challenge is so tough that many re-enter the system. By hiring a PEP graduate, you are helping the graduate transition into the free world.

Prison Entrepreneurship Program pitch

What we love

Since their inception in 2004, PEP has made incredible impact so its no surprise that they are now expanding into the East End Maker Hub and creating the nations leading incubator and accelerator for returning citizens which they are calling PEP Collider. At this location, PEP graduates will be able to integrate with volunteer executive leaders to build bankable businesses.

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