Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering

Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering programs have connected underrepresented kids in Texas to opportunities in STEM since 1976. Beyond that they help kids explore futures in engineering by fostering their sense of belonging and equipping them with knowledge, skills, and intergenerational support at no cost to them.
With partnerships with independent school systems all across the state of Texas, T.A.M.E. programs have impacted more than 33,000 students. Their 2019 impact report illustrates the following participation statistics:

  • 51% female
  • 48% Hispanic
  • 30% caucasian
  • 17% African American
  • 4% Asian / Pacific Islander
  • 1% Other

This is accomplished thanks to 1,500 statewide volunteers, parents/guardians, teachers, mentors and industry and academic partners.

Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering students learning augmented reality

How can you get involved with Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering?

Their website has several ways for you to make an impact directly or indirectly.

STEM Volunteer

Fortunately for all of us, you don’t have to be a STEM professional to volunteer because T.A.M.E. programs rely on many different skill sets. From guiding students through exhibits when a Trailblazer swings around to organizing a STEM event in your area, there are many ways to get involved!

Join a Local Chapter

Local chapters work hand-in-hand with schools district, higher education institution, and libraries. Through these chapters you can help provide leadership and support for K-12 STEM education. If you don’t have a local chapter, T.A.M.E. makes it easy to start your own.


Contributions to local chapters keep T.A.M.E. programs free for thousands of Texas students every year. Your donations help the organization hold annual STEM competitions, fund scholarships, provide free workshops, and much more!

Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering teaching students

What we love

Their amazing Trailblazer trailer travels around the state to give kids even in rural communities the same access and high quality exhibits to spark their curiosity through hands-on STEM. These efforts include follow up materials to keep the excitement going even after the Trailblazer departs for the next town.

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